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Shinnyo-en supports numerous causes such as the elderly, environment and education. We engage in social and community initiatives to give back to society, as well as to build inter-faith and inter-racial harmony.


To express our gratitude to the community, our practitioners regularly visit and organise activities for the elderly at Ren Ci Hospital, and support activities organised by Pertapis. With these visits and activities, we hope to bring cheer, strengthen community bond and social cohesion over a meaningful cause.


Early Morning Cleaning

As a member of the Singapore community for over 20 years, contributing to our home environment to benefit the community is important to Shinnyo-en. Through the years, our practitioners have passionately volunteered to keep the surrounding premises of several MRT stations clean. Shinnyo-en believes that the act of volunteering help draws goodness in each individual.

Every fourth Sunday of the month, members make their way to Ang Mo Kio, Clementi and Eunos MRT stations to clear litter and keep the area clean. Besides monthly clean-up, we engage in the annual International Coastal Clean-up to pick up trash and debris from the beach.

Through our humble act of cleaning, we hope to create a conducive, clean, and pleasant environment for Singapore.

Less Privileged

The values that are foundational to Shinnyo-en’s teachings and beliefs are not bound to the act of meditation alone. Oftentimes we can find them in our daily lives simply by being more mindful of ourselves and of the community that we live in. Being part of a larger community and being able to give back to it in a meaningful way brings us joy, as well as allowing us a moment to reflect on our awareness of the world and the people around us. Shinnyo-en youth continue to embody the spirit and essence of these core values, and with compassion and positive energy. They travelled to Batam to help a primary school.

Fencings around the school garden compound were erected, a fresh coat of paint on the walls were painted, and the youth held a fun and interactive educational session on dental health. English books, stationery, tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes were donated to the school as part of Shinnyo-en’s effort to help the underprivileged.

The continued efforts of Shinnyo-en Singapore’s youth volunteers reflect a positive light in their communities, and give us an encouraging look into how the universal human values that Shinnyo-en upholds and promotes are being carried on in the next generation.