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Her Holiness Shinso Ito has repeatedly reminded us that the goal of inter-faith dialogue must be for different faiths to learn from one another. Shinnyo-en believes that people of faith need to explore together how their practices empower, individually and together, to transform this world of suffering into a world of harmony and understanding.

Building Bridges

As a strong advocate of inter-faith harmony, Shinnyo-en Singapore encourages understanding and appreciation of other faiths. Shinnyo-en regularly engages friends of other faiths to promote harmony by organising inter-faith dialogues, symposium, prayer, lecture series, and host visits to its training centre in Eunos.

Each year, Shinnyo-en participates in Religious Harmony Trail and host inter-faith friends at our training centre. Similarly, during the month of Ramadan, Shinnyo-en attends iftar session at the invitation of our Muslim friends from Ba’alwie and Darul Aman mosques. Through these activities our members and friends have a better appreciation of each other’s faiths.

Interfaith Speaker Series

Over the years, we have organised speaker series and invited inter-faith leaders such as Ustadh Leyaket Ali to speak about how Islam is practised in daily lives and what Islam teaches about happiness.

Master Chung Kwang Tong from the Taoist Federation spoke at length about the Taoist religion and how it is practised in daily lives. Bishop Terry Kee of the Lutheran Church in Singapore and Mr Harbans Singh also shared more about their respective religions.

Master Chung Kwang Tong from the Taoist Federation sheds light on the Taoist religion

Lantern Floating Hawaii 2014

Lantern floating is a tradition that allows people to celebrate and reconnect with our loved one who have passed. In the spirit of sharing our tradition and practices, Shinnyo-en invited a group of religious leaders from Singapore to participate in the 16th Hawaii Lantern Floating ceremony in Hawaii, United States of America.

Religious leaders were from different faiths including Islam, Hindu, Sikh and Baha’i. The leaders were given the invaluable opportunity to participate in the Hawaii Lantern Floating Ceremony, led by Her Holiness Shinso Ito followed by a meeting with her where there was an exchange of ideas and opinions on the importance of inter-faith in contributing to world peace.

The Religious representatives for the 2014 Hawaii Lantern Floating

Gift exchange with leaders from the Muslim faith, Mr Syed Ahmed Al-Attas and Sikh faith, Mr Harbans Singh

Religious leaders from Singapore with their lanterns

Festive Celebration

To embolden multicultural and inter-faith understanding in Singapore, Shinnyo-en hosts inter-faith friends and our community on festive occasions. These light-hearted celebrations enable greater understanding of culture and customs amid joyous interactions.

Besides an annual Lo Hei to mark the Lunar New Year celebration, refreshing programmes organised by practitioners on Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, Shinnyo-en also shares our tradition by welcoming everyone to our borderless garden on Vesak Day.

Over the years, guests have included our inter-faith friends and Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.

Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC visited Shinnyo-en temple during the Chinese New Year


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